Previously named our Natural Face Moisturizing Cream.

Calming aroma of vanilla and citrus make this moisturizing cream absolutely delicious! Made with 100% pure vanilla essential oil that delicately perfumes the skin and aloe vera extract that supplies the skin with hydration, this luxurious cream will leave your face smooth and refreshed.
Not grease or heavy feel whatsoever.

Creamsicle Natural Face Cream

  • Directions for use: 
    Apply generously to skin after cleansing. Gentle enough for everyday use.

    100% Pure Essential Oils & Botanical Extracts

    *Vanilla Essential Oil - sensual, relaxing and comforting aroma. 

    *Aloe Vera - a great moisturizing agent, high in vitamin B complex, folic acid and vitamin C. 

    *Ginseng Extract - detoxifier and anti-inflammatory, also known to be an aphrodisiac and great for stimulating cell growth. 

    *Papaya Extract - excellent for stabilizing oily skin and a good exfoliant for removing unwanted dead skin cells. 

    *Honey Powder - reputed to have antiseptic and antibacterial properties and can be used to treat a variety of skin ailments.

    · Water
    · Sheabutter 
    · Sunflower Seed Oil
    · Avocado Oil
    · Coconut Oil
    · Vitamin E
    · Vegetable Glycerin
    · Sodium Citrate
    · Chamomile extract
    · Optiphen Plus
    · Honey Powder
    · Banana fruit extract
    · Vanilla planifolia fruit extract
    · Papaya fruit extract
    · Grapefruit Pink Essential oil
    · Green tea extract
    · Aloe Vera powder