Want a quick pick me up? Try out this soap! It will give your skin a quick fix of caffeine and helps to reduce the cellulite.

Creamy Caffeine Soap Scrub

  • This bar has a rich creamy moisturizing lather with the natural oils and whipped cream that has been blended to perfection. It has been topped with organic coffee grinds for an exfoliation. You will love this soap!  

    While showering, the caffeine is dissolved along with the soap and becomes infused throughout the later.  As the lather rests on your skin, you may note a tingly feeling. This is the caffeine waking up your skin.

    Caffeine reduces redness, firms and tightens the surface of your skin through constriction {reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles} dehydrates fatty cells causing water to disappear from the skin's surface {reducing the appearance of  cellulite}

    Ingredients: olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, organic coffee, cream, lye, anhydrous pure caffeine powder, organic coffee grinds.

    The caffeine in this soap is water soluble, so can absorb directly through your skin in the shower.
    "Frosting" may occur as the caffeine crystallizes on the surface of the soap, and will rinse off with the next use.

    Warning: Not recommended for pregnant women, those who are sensitive to caffeine or children.

    Each bar weighs 6-6.5oz


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