The set has 4 items that include, Citrus Rose Face & Neck Toner, Pumpkin Vanilla Bean Mask or the choice of the 2oz Banana Walnut Face Scrub, Face Moisturizing Cream and Rejuvenating Eye Cream, all packaged in our new black ribbon window box and ready to ship out.

This set is great for gift giving!

New Face Gift Set

  • Includes:
    1- 6oz Citrus Rose Face & Neck Toner and ♻️ ECO-FRIENDLY & ZERO WASTE COTTON PAD ♻️  100% Organic Cotton Round For All Skin Types.
    1- 1.3oz of Face Moisturizing cream
    1- 2oz Pumpkin Vanilla Bean Mask or the choice of one 2oz Banana Walnut Face Scrub
    1-.5oz Rejuvenating eye cream

    This face gift set is gentle enough for everyday use.

    Face Moisturizing cream
    Calming aroma of vanilla and citrus make this moisturizing cream absolutely delicious! Made with 100% pure vanilla essential oil that delicately perfumes the skin and aloe vera extract that supplies the skin with hydration, this luxurious cream will leave your face smooth and refreshed.
    Not grease or heavy feel whatsoever.

    Includes one 1.3 oz jar of face moisture nicely packaged.

    Directions for use:
    Apply generously to skin after cleansing. Gentle enough for everyday use.

    100% Pure Essential Oils & Botanical Extracts

    *Vanilla Essential Oil - sensual, relaxing and comforting aroma.

    *Aloe Vera - a great moisturizing agent, high in vitamin B complex, folic acid and vitamin C.

    *Ginseng Extract - detoxifier and anti-inflammatory, also known to be an aphrodisiac and great for stimulating cell growth.

    *Papaya Extract - excellent for stabilizing oily skin and a good exfoliant for removing unwanted dead skin cells.

    *Honey Powder - reputed to have antiseptic and antibacterial properties and can be used to treat a variety of skin ailments.

    · Water
    · Sheabutter
    · Sunflower Seed Oil
    · Palm Oil
    · Coconut Oil
    · Vitamin E
    · Vegetable Glycerin
    · Vanilla Flavor
    · Sodium Citrate
    · Chamomile extract
    · Silk Powder
    · Honey Powder
    · Banana fruit extract
    · Vanilla planifolia fruit extract
    · Papaya fruit extract
    · Grapefruit Pink Essential oil
    · Ginseng Extract
    · Green tea extract
    · Aloe Vera powder

    The scent of a light citrus and rose petals. I am in love with this toner!

    Our toner is a great way to balance out the alkaline pH of the soap cleansers and brings your skin back to neutral, where it needs to be. That is why it is very important to use a toner after cleansing your skin.

    ♻️ ECO-FRIENDLY & ZERO WASTE COTTON PAD ♻️ Each order comes with a Zero Waste Reusable Cotton Pad | 100% Organic Cotton Round For All Skin Types.

    Beauty can be achieved by using only natural ingredients.

    100% free of alcohol phthalates, sulfates & other irritants.

    Ingredients: Rose Floral Water, Organic Cold-Pressed Castor Oil, Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Collagen Peptide, Organic Aloe Vera, Grapefruit Essential Oils, Bergamot Essential Oils, Lavender Essential Oils, Lime Essential Oils, Orange Blossom Essential Oils, Watermelon Fruit Extract and Cucumber Peel Extract.

    6oz pump top bottle

    How to use: Cleanse skin with one of our natural cleanser or any other face cleanser and rinse with warm water. Just a few pumps on a cotton ball or our eco-Friendly reusable pad and smooth over your face and neck. Apply moisturizer and makeup after toning skin.  You can also spray or apply over hair after using shampoo or conditioner.

    Enjoy the scent of light citrus rose petals!

    Our fresh Banana Walnut Facial Scrub helps exfoliate the skin by removing dead skin cells
    and leaving you with a fresh new glowing look.

    **Bananas are packed with anti-bacterial properties that help in curing acne and blemishes.
    They are also rich in vitamin A and potassium, which make it a wonderful aid in softening the skin.  One of the best benefits of applying bananas to the face is that it keeps your skin young and alive looking.

    Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Aloe Vera Water Banana Puree, Jojoba Oil, Grapefruit Seed Oil, Kaolin Clay, Potassium Hydroxide, Super fine walnut shells.

    Splash face with warm water. Scoop out a small amount of the scrub. Gently massage it all over the face avoiding the under eye area in circular motions, then rinse with warm water and pat dry.

    RECOMMENDED USAGE: Twice a week.

    You will receive one 2oz sealed jar of Banana Walnut scrub.


    The rejuvenating eye cream has a lavishly rich texture and has been specially formulated to be light and fast absorbing. It includes Marigold extract and Lavender essential oils which helps to sooth and revive dry, puffy and sensitive under eye area. This product is also great for wrinkles. It's made from some of the most natural and mild ingredients. It has been carefully formulated to maintain the look and feel of a luxurious cream. You will be completely satisfied with this eye cream.

    To apply- After cleansing, just scoop a little cream on your fingertips and, gently dab from the outer side of under eye inwards.

    *You will receive a .5oz jar of Rejuvenating Eye Cream sealed and nicely packaged.

    Pseudocollagen Naturally Derived Active Pseudocollagen (Yeast derived collagen equivalent): This yeast-derived, dermal matrix material is a true moisturizing glycoprotein taken from living cells. It is extracted from yeast by a controlled process which preserves it high molecular weight and native structure making it the perfect moisturizing and strengthening collagen replacement for skin and hair. INCI: Yeast Extract. Application: Pseudocollagen imparts a silky smooth feel to the skin as a result of the non-sticky, flexible film that is formed.

    Multifruit BSC Naturally Derived Active Multifruit BSC (Natural fruit acid blend, source of AHA's): This fruit acid blend is a natural source of alpha hydroxy acids that has cell renewing, firming and soothing properties on skin. INCI: Water & Vaccinium Myrtillus (Bilberry) Extract & Saccharum Officinarum (Sugar Cane) Extract & Acer Saccharinum (Sugar Maple) Extract & Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Fruit Extract & Citrus Medica Limonum (Lemon) Extract.

    Carrot Seed Essential Oil, high in carotenes, is considered one of the best oils to enhance the appearance of mature skin. Its chemical constituents may stimulate cell growth while removing toxins, which would give the skin a more toned, youthful appearance. It has been reputed to be useful in treating scars, wounds and burns. Carrot seed oil may also be helpful in the aromatherapy’s therapeutic treatment of arthritis, gout, edema, rheumatism and the accumulation of toxins in muscles and joints. It is thought to strengthen the mucus membranes in the nose, throat and lungs, thus having a beneficial effect on conditions such as bronchitis and influenza.

    • Water
    • Glycerin
    • Carrot Seed Essential Oil
    • Stearyl Alcohol
    • Wheat Germ (Triticum Vulgare) Oil
    • Polysorbate 60
    • Sesame (Sesamum Indicum) Oil
    • Myristyl Myristate
    • Cetyl Alcohol
    • Lavender
    • Marigold extract
    • Sorbitan Stearate
    • Phenoxyethanol
    • Calendula (Officinalis) Extract
    • Cornflower (Centaurea Cyanus) Extract
    • Sodium Alginate
    •Multifruit BSC
    •Sodium Citrate

    If you have any questions please email me.


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