Getting to know more about Malena
First Bikini Competition
2019 Flex Lewis Classic

Competing in a body building competition was a dream of mine for several years.  Starting at a very early age, I watched my parents and grandfather working out through the glass in the childcare room at the gym.  My grandfather was my inspiration.

I always continued to stay in shape throughout my life, ate healthy, and have been blessed to be able to workout hard and build muscle over the years.  

I decided to put all of that hard work to use, take my body to the next level, and make it a goal of mine to compete in a bikini/fitness competition by the age of 40.  By god, nothing was going to stop me.  

I'm so thankful I pushed through the whole process and did very well.  If you have a dream, don't let anything stop you from fulfilling it. 

10 Weeks Out

5 Weeks Out

Show Time!!