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Grab 3 of your favorite scents!  To order your 3, during checkout send us a note on which 3 scents you'd like us to make for you. 


Elevate the scent of your car with our latest trend-setting hanging car air fresheners. Experience a delightful fragrance that lasts for an extended period, providing a fresh and inviting atmosphere for you and your passengers. With a lifespan of approximately 1-3 months, our air fresheners are designed to keep your car smelling fantastic for an extended period.


Have questions on what the scent is like...send me a message and I'll give you the details.


Using our hanging car air fresheners is a breeze. Simply follow these easy instructions for optimal use:


1. Begin by unscrewing the wooden cap and removing the plastic stopper, allowing the fragrance to be released.


2. Replace the wooden cap and ensure it is securely tightened to prevent any leakage.


3. To saturate the wooden cap with the delightful fragrance, turn the freshener upside down for 3-5 seconds. This process allows the oil to seep into the cap, ensuring a sustained and consistent scent release.


4. Carefully turn the bottle back upright and use the attached string or loop to hang it on your rearview mirror or another suitable location in your vehicle.


Remember, accidents can happen, so it's essential to clean up any spills immediately to avoid any potential damage to your car's interior. Following these simple steps, you can enjoy a long-lasting, refreshing fragrance that transforms every car journey into a delightful experience.


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Hanging Car Air Freshener Diffusers, Trending Car Diffusers, Air Freshen

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